Best running shoes for problem feet – Flat Feet & Plantar Fasciitis

Running shoes

Looking for a shoe that supports your arches and heels is indeed a tedious task. You first step is to look for comfortable shoes that will relieve your pain than those fancy looking shoes, isn’t it?

But before, we provide you with the list of best running shoes for problem feet; let’s develop an understanding of the common problems.

Running shoes

What are flat feet?

The arc of the foot is formed by tarsal and metatarsal bones that are strengthened by ligaments and tendons. The arc allows the foot to bear the least body weight in the erect position.

The foot’s arch is a natural shock absorption system: when we put the body weight on our feet, it absorbs the shock to subside the impact that would otherwise hit our feet, ankles, knees and hips.

Pronation and foot type determine the height of the arc. People with lower arc do not have a unique arc along inside their foot as a result; they are more likely to overpronate which can result in injuries. Flat feet happens when the arc is completely flat on the ground.

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis is also known as a jogger’s heel.

It is a painful disorder affecting your underside of your foot and heel. It causes pain due to inflammation of the thick tissue- Plantar Fasciitis that runs across the bottom of the foot that connects your heel bones to your tonnes.

This disease is more common with people who are overweight and those who wear shoes with insufficient support than those who wear the right shoes when walking and exercising.


Over the span of years, footwear manufacturers have developed very specific technologies to help runners to ensure comfort and safety.

While you are selecting the shoes, you have to remember few things: Support, Stability & Motion control.

Support works best for flat foot runners. Stability is designed for those runners who are suffering from over pronation and motion controls are for the most severe over pronation runners.

These shoes often have some medial post of dual density form. It is a hard foam right below the medial side of the arc that spreads all the way to the heel. For those runners who have an arc that collapses, their shoes are designed with layers of a polyurethane solid that creates more stability and support.

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Having these problems is not a barrier but the most important thing is to choose the right shoe for your condition. Though these shoes are expensive, but they do take care of your health and general wellbeing. You may not want to compromise on injuries caused by these problems.